Selena Rosanbalm (replay)

27 April 2021 · 53 mins 20 secs

About this Episode

This episode originally played 5 Jan 2021. If you're wondering where we talk about mastering in the context of Piper Payne's episode, you can find the question around, 'What is mastering?' around 27 minutes into the episode

Having grown up with the idea that she wanted to perform and make music, Selena Rosanbalm talks with Skipper about being a musician and the work she’s done to write, record, release, and promote an independent album in 2020 with everything that's going on.

The conversation has a wide swing, starting with her love of yacht rock (think Michael McDonald or Hall & Oates or the Doobie Bros), her fear of things underwater, her early thrill with performing "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" from The Lion King, the number system for calling the chords of the songs to everyone on-stage, how some musicians are still producing new cassette tapes, how being an independent musician is more work than it may seem (because not everyone's Bono), Black Sabbath's debut album done in one take (allegedly), how the name Rosie and the Ramblers came about, and how the cover art for Selena Rosanbalm started with a piece of photo equipment.

Stay tuned after the outro music for a piece of tape where Skipper asks if Selena and the members of her backing band wear masks when performing.

This episode was edited and mastered by Troy Lococo.

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