Amy Kim Waschke

Special guest

Amy Kim Waschke is a Korean American actor based in Ashland, OR. She was most recently seen at the Geffen Playhouse in their production of "Revenge Song: A Vampire Cowboys Creation," in which the LA Times lauded her “theatrical ferocity,” calling her performance “vibrantly dangerous."

Ms. Waschke received her MFA from the University of Washington, training under Jon Jory, Catherine Madden, and Steve Pearson. After graduate school she moved to New York where she worked regularly with the Vampire Cowboys Theatre Company, lead by playwright Qui Nguyen and director Robert Ross Parker. Ms. Waschke was the lead in many of their raucous, irreverent, comic book-style comedies. In 2012, she met director, playwright and MacArthur Genius, Mary Zimmerman, and toured the US and China as the titular character in Zimmerman’s epic play "The White Snake." Ms. Waschke is also a proud company member of Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) where favorite roles include Hermione in "The Winter's Tale," Huong in "Vietgone," Emilia in "Othello," and Lady Macbeth in "Macbeth."

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