Karen Faith

3 November 2023 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

  • Karen's personal and professional journey exploring different forms of art, including classical music and site-specific contemporary performance art
  • Empathy and storytelling in design, perspective taking, and understanding the difference between empathy and caring
  • The struggle with showing empathy towards oneself and the importance of non-judgment
  • The concept of being an "asshole" in social situations and intentional adjustment
  • The unintended consequences of Karen's work on compassion and caring
  • The virtue of patience and its role in creating oneness
  • Practicing love and accepting all things without hierarchy or morality
  • The idea of helpfulness versus rightness and an example of a deer
  • The tagline for Others Unlimited and its focus on empathy, research, collaboration, and citizenship
  • Exploring the relationship between mercy and justice
  • The metaphor of polishing a rough gem and the importance of perspective-taking
  • The importance of empathy, active listening, and being present
  • Accepting others as they are and embracing the truth for personal growth
  • The second season of FX's "The Bear" and the idea of watching television as a kind of babysitter
  • A surprising answer from Karen to the question, "Imagine you unexpectedly had a day off, money was no object, you could bend the laws of space and time, what would you do?"

Stay tuned for a bit of tape at the end where Karen and Skipper talk about one's "need to be right."

Note from TED: Karen's talk linked below contains a discussion of suicidal ideation. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please consult a mental health professional and/or support organization, as this talk is not a substitute for mental health advice. If you are struggling with self-destructive or suicidal thoughts, call or text 988 to connect with someone who can help.

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