Jen Dary

11 December 2023 · 1 hr 2 mins

About this Episode

Back in August, Skipper had a conversation with Jen Dary about her personal experiences and insights on leadership coaching, the importance of self-awareness and belief in one's abilities, Plucky's So Now You're a Manager (SNYaM), navigating the publishing industry, and prioritizing self-care in the coaching profession. Other topics include:

  • Jen shares her experience as the oldest of three kids and how it influences her leadership style and ability to empathize with others (it might play it yours as well, dear listener)
  • She highlights the importance of identifying a specific niche in coaching and how coaching is different from consulting
  • Jen emphasizes the importance of setting a finite amount of time for coaching and encourages clients to come as long as they need and go when they're ready
  • She primarily works with clients in technology, including engineers, designers, product managers, professors, academics, and doctors, with a majority of them being women
  • Jen reflects on the importance of understanding one's purpose of work and encourages listeners to measure their current job against that purpose
  • She talks more about So Now You're a Manager (SNYaM), a manager training program that she's developed at Plucky currently modeled after a part-time MBA plus, the importance of community and connection in learning, and the challenges of remote training
  • Jen has observed a trend of people in the tech industry expressing a desire to retire earlier and wanting to "do their own thing"
  • She talks about recently watching "The Andy Warhol Diaries," a six episode Netflix series, and having a greater understanding of the '70s and '80s
  • Stay tuned until the end for an outtake around speaking French to a stranger on the train in front of her sons

Episode Links

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  • The Andy Warhol Diaries — In 2022, a Netflix series (titled after Warhol's 1989 book) puts on center stage the life and emotions of the artist after he was shot in 1968. The six episodes utilize Resemble AI and original recordings as Warhol narrates his own diary entries, accompanied by a cast of characters, including his friend Pat Hackett.
  • Plucky's Instagram
  • Jen's Instagram
  • Day Of Big Dreaming — Avail from today to end of January 2024, recommended
  • SNYaM 2024 — There are currently two (2) virtual So Now You're A Manager cohorts planned in 2024, dates are TBA, interested folks should pre-register
  • Plucky's podcast — This season, released earlier this year, featured eight (8) different mentors on a variety of topics, like negotiation, allyship, performance reviews, first impressions and more