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News on season two - or, life is funny, isn't it?

After much ado, we're in planning mode for our second season. Just gonna roll up these sleeves...

Even though we saw almost 10,000 downloads, we're going to do things a little differently for this go-around — or season number two. Dropping episodes weekly was more effort than we had thought it would be 😅 so we'll release episodes the third Thu every month. Among others, we're looking to chat again with Dr. Peter Chin Hong — PCH — from UCSF. Other potential topics might include Ukraine-Russia history, wine making, solar panels, life after death, coffee, modern schooling, Bigfoot, long haul truck drivers, being a firefighter, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and nonfungible tokens.

Thank you for your continued support. Look for the new episodes to begin dropping a few weeks from now.