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Stop Asian hate

How This Works doesn't necessarily focus on current events, our aim is to learn from people about their expert subject matters, but with reports of harassment and violence aimed at Asians, we stand in solidarity and mourn with our brothers & sisters to #StopAsianHate.

There are a ton of resources online but a good place to start is Stop AAPI Hate's latest national report, tracking anti-AAPI hate incidents so far during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the full report on their website:

We love our Asian community. And together, we must all stand against hate — whether that's against Asians, BIPOC, women, or any humans. #StopAAPIHate #EnoughIsEnough #EndRacismNow #NotYourModelMinority #RacialJustice #generationz #Organize #Representation #aapi #asianamerican #socialjustice #changeisgood

Stop Asian Hate